The Humanitarian Logistics Certification Programme certifies that individuals have the skills required to be competent and professional humanitarian logisticians.

Certification PartnersFinding competent staff for immediate deployment is a constant struggle for humanitarian organizations.  Emergencies require immediate response and organizations do not have time to develop or train personnel.  Professional humanitarian logisticians have to be able to ‘hit the ground running’.


At the start of the course, the candidate (or student) is inserted into a reality-based scenario in which they have to advise on and manage supply chain and logistics functions.  The tasks they are requested to do are designed to facilitate the development and demonstration that they have the required skills, as defined by the competence model.

Because it is based on real life experiences in providing the logistics support to humanitarian operations, the case study scenario provides a realistic environment that enables students to apply knowledge and make decisions about real world problems, but in a safe setting.

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